Mr. Suldan Hajji Adan is the Executive Director of APHAD. He is professional journalist, researcher and writer. As a writer, Sultan has published 17 books and more than 30 articles in local and international news papers.


He is educated in Somalia, Yemen and Pakistan. He holds an honor BBA in Marketing and Finance, MBA in Finance and EMBA in Human Resource Management from Iqra and Preston University respectively while he was honored two postgraduate diplomas (General Management and Development Studies). Suldan has 7 years experience and worked widely with a variety of profit and non-profit organizations as a Consultant and at the top level management lines. For two years, he was the Executive Director for APHAD Center.

Human rights

Human rights are moral principles that set out certain standards of human behaviour, and are regularly protected as legal rights in national and international law.

Human rights in Somalia are guaranteed in the Federal Constitution, which was adopted in August 2012